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Paypal maybe not so safe after all.


Paypal maybe not so safe after all.

Having been a PayPal user for many years I was always under the impression that it was a safe way to shop and if ever there was an issue PayPal will step in to help but now I'm not so sure.


It appears to me that scammers know how to get PayPal on their side in a dispute.


After ordering a 198 piece tool set, made in Australia as per the advert,  I eventually received from the "retailer" a very small package of broken plastic, no tools and no case it was supposed to come with.


No problem I thought I would open a dispute, get my refund and PayPal will get their money back from the retailer but no!

First the retailer offered 20% off, why would I accept this? all they sent me was a package of broken plastic.

Then they offered me a full refund, Great I thought, except they wanted me to send the goods back to...China! and as soon as I would give them a valid tracking number of the return package PayPal would duly refund me, hang on a minute I protested how can I send the goods back to china if I never received them? but this protestation fell on deaf ears at PayPal and because I didn't send the goods back that never arrived in the first place PayPal closed my case. WTH!


 Now I realise that even if I had received the goods and had an issue, the cost to send the goods to China from the UK would have outweighed the refund so am I right in thinking PayPal Protection is overrated?


I'm seriously thinking about going public to some of the UK consumer groups  hoping my experience may stop others being scammed and highlighting  this weakness in PayPal protection 

Looking at my Visa card protection small print and all that it offers I may just stick with that in the future and keep PayPal out the equation entirely.

Has anyone else had similar issues?


Re: Paypal maybe not so safe after all.

Paypal are assisting the scammers buyer beware their protection is not for you.

Now the scammers know what they need to do Paypal have nothing to help you with so it is the same as opening your wallet and just letting them take.


Paypal could stop supporting these scammers and when there are this many complaints not allow them to use the platform but they undoubtedly get some financial benefit which stops them taking the right approach.