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Paypal let seller keep money- items not delivered?


Paypal let seller keep money- items not delivered?

Long story short- I chose a contractor because he would accept PayPal for payment. Protected, right? 


I had his business install a central air system in a building I own. After the system was started this summer and  started freezing over and leaking into the downstairs commercial store it was discovered a new a-coil which I paid for by paypal was never delivered or installed. He left the old, improper a-coil in place and the system does not work right.  There was no way to know this when install was done because a-coil is hidden inside duct-work.


I, of course, filed a dispute, but Paypal found in the contractor's favor. They said I had "altered" the product. huh? They did not say how I had altered it or what the contractor had provided for proof of this.


There appears to be no way to contest this decision? Emails and phone calls and respond buttons simply lead me in circles. One email was returned with instructions to go to non existent links and pages to respond.


Of course, we're talking about a lot of money here. 

How can I contest this decision?