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Paypal is the movie "Brazil" in real life.


Paypal is the movie "Brazil" in real life.

If you ever have to deal with any form of human intelligence at Paypal to help with a problem, you are out of luck.

Recently, I ordered two pair of disinfecting misters through a Facebook ad.  I used Paypal in the mistaken belief that the transaction would have an added layer of protection.  So, I was charged for the two pair of misters, but was only shipped one pair.  Here is where the fun starts. I went to the resolution center to explain, and was engaged in a text session with what I thought was a human. It soon became apparent that it was not a real person, but automated responses to a limited selection of possible scenarios. I tried every possible choice, but none fit my situation. Missing shipment? I

(It had to be all or nothing). Wrong item? (well, it was what i ordered, but not everything i ordered). After deciding that i was not going to see my money (I only wanted half of it) I decided to simply take it as a lesson and learn from my mistake. I am dismantling my account and redirecting my payments to my vendors through another source. 

But, what really takes the cake is that today I was told that all i had to do was return the merchandise for a full refund. How do I return what was not received?  I'm not returning the half I did get. Then I would be shorting the vendor and would be out ALL my money. So no, I will move on, but I will tell people every chance I get, when I see that product pop up elsewhere. 

But Paypal, thanks for nothing. Maybe you could take some of that cash you are raking in and pay someone to do some customer service.