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Paypal is not your friend..

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Paypal is not your friend..

Apparently one of Pay Pal's main source of income comes from scammers who pay selling fees off your loss.  If they refund you, Pay Pal will also lose the fees they made from the scammer's fraudulent sale.  I had an issue with a Facebook Ad that advertised to be American based, but after I purchased using PayPal check out, I received a tracking number from China.  And then about a month later, I received some junk from China in place of the item I ordered.  Not As Advertised.  So I opened the dispute in Paypal Dispute Council they considered all of my evidences as dismissable regardless of how much tangible evidence I provided, so 3 of the 3 times this happened to me, they closed the case in the scammer's favor.  Never Again.  So yeah, Paypal is corrupted.  Don't trust PayPal.  They use the level of trust they have built over their first decade of existence to now turn heel.    Another instance similar to this, the customer service rep promised me a full refund over the phone and after hanging up, I checked my Pay Pal's case status and found it to be closed in the scammer's favor.  I did not get my money back.  So here I am online trying to let as many people as possible know about this so they can close their paypal account and not use it.  Pay Pal is no longer an honest website and it is now a fraudulent website.  If you have experienced or experiencing something like this, you can report paypal to  Pay Pal is so bad now, they even have customer service reps flat out lie to all of their customers in order to support all scammers so they can keep all of the seller fees.  So yes, PayPal's resolution center is corrupted and all decisions have already been made against all buyers.  The resolution center is just for show and to establish a false sense of security.  They won't support you unless your account has actually been hacked and that is pretty much all the support you will get.


Re: Paypal is not your friend..

A similar thing happened to me. I trusted the website thinking that PayPal was monitoring its merchants. But no! They are in cahoots. PayPal is not on my side. The seller that scammed me I have since found out has done the same thing to other customers but PayPal doesn't care. I'm done with PayPal. All of my attempts to get them to care have been futile. Now they say their website is having difficulties. I am going to send the product back to China to see if PayPal will stand behind me. I'm that upset! But I won't hold my breath. Meanwhile, the site is down supposedly and they won't help me on the phone. If I don't respond soon then the merchant wins. Grrrrr!