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Paypal is awful


Paypal is awful

I just lost $465 combined to two scammers that I was buying services from at the same time, everyone I asked said they were trusted..... so I went through with the payments and then they both took my money without giving me what I needed. Its devastating that I lost that money and because I'm new to paypal I didn't understand the friends and family thing.


I really hope that paypal sees this because they won't give me a refund. And I can't even open a dispute.


Anybody got any help?


Re: Paypal is awful

Hi @mstandish3,


I'm sorry to hear that you have not received the services that you paid for. If the payments were sent as Goods and Services payments with Purchase Protection, you will be able to open disputes on the payments. If you opted to send the payments as Friends and Family payments, it will not be possible to do so. 


I hope that the payments were sent as purchase payments and the issue can be resolved!




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