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Paypal ignoring messages, no reply to message about an unauthorised charge back from my account

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I sold an item, it was paid for and posted, buyer left very positive feedback then 2 weeks later I get this message from Paypal saying the buyer contacted their financial institution to request a charge back for this item. The reason apparently being the buyer didn't recognise and didn't authorise the transaction.  I messaged Paypal ans that is the only way to deal with them, they first of all responded saying they would sort it out, next thing I know after giving them all the details, tracking everything, Paypal have upheld the charge back without any investigation whatsoever.  I even contacted the buyer who told me they were going to contact Paypal and tell them it was their mistake. What are Paypal doing to help me, absolutely nothing, diddly squat.  How can it be fair to sell an item, the buyer is pleased with it and then Paypal allows this charge back?  I thought they were supposed to protect buyers from fraudsters, obviously not and they obviously condone the theft, which i exactly what this is, of sold items.  Any suggestions for a way out of this?  I will get penalised for something I just haven't done and for what? Just because Paypal don't read or listen to sellers.  Need some help on this.

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