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Paypal helps fraudsters ripoff consumers

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Paypal helps fraudsters ripoff consumers

I recently purchased an item(battery powered surfboard) for $89.99 off of a Facebook ad that offered payment through Paypal, which I incorrectly assumed might give me some sort of protection against fraud. It became immediately apparent that the transaction was a scam, as my order page disappeared, and I received no response from the "customer service" gmail address. I immediately reported the suspected fraud to Paypal, who proceeded to look into the transaction that a 3rd grader could indentify as a fraud, but of course Paypal launched into their lengthy evaluation, postponing a decision over and over again. 

In the meantime, I received a package in the mail. It was a $5 blow-up child's pool toy, obviously sent from the seller to satisfy Paypal's need to see that a tracking number was furnished and a product was sent. But of course there was NO WAY WHATSOEVER for me to communicate with PayPal that I had received the wrong item. Paypal simply saw that an item was shipped, and proceeded to deny my case and close it, preventing me from pursuing it any further. I wonder how many other people were ripped off by this seller.

WHAT A PATHETIC JOKE THIS COMPANY IS. And as far as I am concerned, they are aiding and abetting fraud and criminal activity. I will be closing my account, and have reported this to the California Attorney General's office.


Re: Paypal helps fraudsters ripoff consumers

I don’t know how to contact PayPal customer service. I sold 2 items at eBay , the next thing I saw is my account at PayPal is negative. I never bought any thing using pay pal. Why my account is negative. Can you please help me contact PayPal my email is Thank you very much