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Paypal helped an obvious Scammer scam me out of a processor

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Paypal helped an obvious Scammer scam me out of a processor

I sold a processor for 189 dollars at the beginning of September. After shipping the processor, eBay informed me that the buyer was not to be trusted and that I should cancel all transactions, but I had already shipped the item, but he had already paid, so everything seemed okay. 

Then a month later paypal puts a hold on my account and claims the buyer wants to return the defective item. IT WAS NOT DEFECTIVE... IT WAS BRAND NEW. I would bet my life on the item I shipped him was in no way defective. I provided evidence that this return should not go through and that the buyer was not a registered user and provided sketchy information. He provided no information or evidence. Zero. After a few weeks of limbo, paypal sided with the scammer.  The tracking number he provided is an "letter envelope" coming from El Salvador.  If by some miracle he actually is sending back the same item I shipped him, you do not ship it in a "Letter envelope" especially internationally. Also, I did not ship it to El Salvador. 

Thanks paypal for helping a scammer steal my processor. 

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Re: Paypal helped an obvious Scammer scam me out of a processor



In the event of an item received but not as described dispute it is always one persons word against anothers.

So paypal tend to favour the buyer but that buyer has to return the item back to your first at their own expense.

If the item you get back is not what you sent let paypal know asap including offering photo proof of packaging / stamps / weight of package etc and you 'may' be ok.

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