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Paypal has permanently shut down my account...

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Paypal has permanently shut down my account...


I switched over to Paypal for my "consulting" business a few months ago.  I usually use my merchant account, but this is slightly cheaper by a few bucks.  I have received payments every Friday from my customers (after invoicing them).

I started paying Zoom which is my webinar video service.
I started paying a few marketing tools.

There is nothing out of the ordinary & no weird purchases.  It literally is me providing services & invoicing my clients.  Yet, they shut down my account and said we'll mail your funds in 180 days. (6 months)

When I called - they said - nothing we can do here - send an email to <Removed> ...

Has anyone else just had their paypal shut down for this?  

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Re: Paypal has permanently shut down my account...

I'm having the same issue. I use paypal as a payment gateway for my freelance Design work and have retainer payments sent every month, this has been smoothly going along for already 4 years or more but then suddenly Paypal has shutdown my account for I don't know what reason? I haven't used my account for any other reason than getting payments from clients and casually buying things in amazon and other famous websites. I find no reason to get shut down as I use it normally as I always have. Now that I've been shut down, I have funds stuck in my account and I'm planning to refund them to my clients so they can send it to me in different means or a different platform since Paypal decided to shutdown a loyal customer. But all the instructions I find don't seem to work and I can't find a 'Details' in every transaction where I'm supposed to find the option of 'Send Refund'. This is very frustrating, and I'm falling behind my bills. Can some one please help? Or do I need a lawyer?