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Paypal got limited with my money in it


Paypal got limited with my money in it

How can i get my funds and complain on paypal why they limited my account if I'm not doing anything bad. Why tf they always do that? Gunna hold my money for 6 months seriously?

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Re: Paypal got limited with my money in it



Paypal don't want to limit accounts, they earn much more money by letting you use it when they get fees from you when you sell OR fees from your seller when you buy.

So to limit an account you must have broken their rules and badly if its a permanent limitation.


Funds are held for 180 days as that is the timescale that anyone can file a dispute with paypal, if any of your buyers do so then the funds are there for them to refund that buyer. You will get an email after 180 days saying if and how you can withdraw any funds.

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