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Paypal family and friends chargeback ?

New Community Member

Paypal family and friends chargeback ?

I had asked a friend if he could help me with a bill and he sent me $19p, now today i get a email saying " Hello Julian, We recently notified you a payment you received was made without the account holder's permission or was the result of a transaction error. Here are the details: Transaction date: March 11, 2019 Transaction ID: Transaction amount: $190 USD Sender's email: Invoice ID: We're reviewing this case and will contact you if we need more information. Thanks, PayPal" There was no invoice he was helping me with a bill now im getting this? I have already spent the funds does this mean now owe paypal????

Re: Paypal family and friends chargeback ?

Hello @JulianArlington, I'm sorry to hear about the recent case that was opened on that transaction. It sounds like your friend or friend's funding source may have opened an unauthorized transaction case against this transaction. First, I would recommend reaching out to your friend to review the case with them directly. If that does not yield the results you're looking for, here's a really helpful Help Center article that walks you through responding to a dispute / case: . Good luck and have a great day!

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