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Paypal failed me and my business

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Paypal failed me and my business

I recently purchased some items to sell in my store from a facebook ad. What I had purchased was two automatically opening, replica iron man helmets. What I received from china was two very cheap plastic masks. I opened a dispute, and even called paypal to confirm how to proceed. They told me to ship the items back to china (cost me almost $30) and I would receive a refund for the items, but not the shipping. That's already a bummer, but some of my money back is better than none, right?

  All this crooked seller had to do at this point was to say they did not receive the items and my refund was denied. The outcome being that now I am out the cost of the items, that were nowhere near as described as well as an extra $30 dollars for shipping.


How is this buyer protection?

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Re: Paypal failed me and my business



If you sent back trackable and provided paypal with the tracking number you should get a refund.

Failing that phone them and say you have done all asked of you and want your refund issued.

If its still a no then if you funded your paypal payment via a credit card then ask your card issuer for a refund?

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Re: Paypal failed me and my business

buyer protection applies to the item,not the shipping or labor .

It is fair seller should get his items back,as to who should pay shipping ,some established retailer will send you a shipping label.

you decide to buy from unknown seller in a foreign country,next time think of the cost of return before you leap .