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Paypal did not act properly


Paypal did not act properly

I ordered a product specifically represented as Darn Tough socks in specific colors and styles.  Darn Tough are made in Vermont and are awesome products
After over 2 months later, I had not received anything from the company and emailed and opened a dispute on PP.

After a few more weeks, I received some socks from a company in Singapore that are not worth the packaging they came in and even then, 3 pair instead of 6 as ordered.
I submitted all the information to PP including screenshots of the original order and photos of the junk I received.
PP closed the case saying I did not submit anything to back my claim and I am left with a PP and FB assisted theft of my money.
How do I get PP to act as they should and refund my money?     

PP is out as form of payment for me if this is not resolved.