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Paypal denies use is unauthorized and they are completely unwilling to be helpful


Paypal denies use is unauthorized and they are completely unwilling to be helpful

I woke up to several unauthorized transactions from my paypal account that pulled from my debit card. Over $700 made in less than an hour, who purchases that many gift cards ONLINE in a row at 3AM??? My paypal account is new, I created it for a single Christmas present and was excited to use it as a "safe" and fast way to checkout. I created a claim online -mind you this was not a simple task on it's own. Within four hours all of my claims were denied. 

I called customer service to dispute the response and the nice enough representative reopened my case for paypal to further investigate but those were denied AGAIN three days later.


I am utterly distraught, I don't keep much money in my account. I had just gotten paid so I schedule payments for my bills. All of my money is gone now and paypal is denying me and I am terrible standing with my bank. It hurts to know how unreliable paypal is turning out to be. Makes me think they absolutely do not care that their customers are having their money stolen from them. I do not believe they thoroughly investigated my claims becos anyone could visibly see I do not make those type of purchases, and i definitely don't make those purchases online. 


Paypal has rid me of any faith I had for them and I am forced to taking greater measures. I do not recommend paypal to anyone and I now have my story to share. I've lost nearly $1K and nothing to be done about it and the company is essentially telling me that I am lying? Yeahh... how would you feel? Resolution center is nothing but a joke to me.


So how would you guys proceed? I've changed all of my settings, password, cancelled my card, etc, and I want to delete paypal forever next but I cannot until this issue finds a better resolution.