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Paypal closed case and charged my account


Paypal closed case and charged my account

Paypal closed my case in favor of a buyer that stated an unaurhtoized purchase.  I responded upfront to paypal  that she did receive it and had left positive feedback.  She emailed me that her account had been hacked.  They have stated thet are charging my account the $8.00 plus a fee chargeback amount.  I  did everything I was supposed to do and yet paypal is now penalizing me and charging back my account.  I though paypal was better than that,


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Re: Paypal closed case and charged my account



An unauthorised transaction means that an account holders Paypal account or card was hacked and used without their consent by your ?buyer.

If thats true then of course they have a refund.

However you would not lose out either as long as you met ALL the requirements of seller protection, so your best bet is to go and read up on it to make sure you were covered.

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