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Paypal ate my money


Paypal ate my money

Hello. My account is missing funds. I am missing at least $100 dollars.


I ordered from Walmart. They split the order into three transactions. For each transaction, the full sum of the order ($114) was authorized and held for each individual item in the order. 


The first transaction was for $9.99.  They authorized $114 for this payment.  Once the payment was "captured", the rest of the money went back into my account.


The second transaction was for $92.52.  Same as above.  Authorized for $114, and once the money was captured the rest of the money returned to my account.


The third transactions is where the problem happens.  The transaction was for $11.49.  They authorized $114 again.  Once the money was captured, the rest of the authorized money was NOT returned to my account. As a result, I am missing at least $100.


I tried contacting the help team via chat and they were useless.  They ignored me, or gave me unrelated information like a bot.


How do I get my money back?  This is all I have. I worked very hard for that money, and now I feel like PayPal or Wal-Mart have robbed me. I'm very desperate.


There's money missing, and it's as if everyone in the chain of protection is refusing to protect me and my money.


Please help!