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Paypal asked to ship back the item, but it is a digital item


Paypal asked to ship back the item, but it is a digital item

I talked to a seller about a purchase and he didn't have the digital item so we agreed to a refund. I chargebacked using "item not as described" because if I chose "item not received" I would have to wait a few days. Now paypal is asking me to give the shipping code for the return of the item. I didn't receive it and I thought I could still receive a refund because the seller directly told me that he was going to refund me. What can i do?


Re: Paypal asked to ship back the item, but it is a digital item

Hi BaldoHado,

Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.

Most transactions run smoothly; however, sometimes problems do occur. You can open two kinds of disputes:

  1. Item not received disputes: If you bought something but didn’t receive it, you can open an ‘item not received’ dispute. Before you open your dispute, wait at least 3 days from the transaction date so your seller has enough time to ship the item.
  2. Significantly not as described disputes: If you received an item that’s significantly different from the seller’s original description, you can open a ‘significantly not as described’ dispute. When you open a ‘significantly not as described’ dispute, you may be responsible for return shipping costs. Here is what we consider significantly not as described:
  • You received a completely different item. Example: You purchased a book and received a DVD or an empty box.
  • The condition of the item was misrepresented. Example: The listing said "new" and the item was used.
  • The item was advertised as authentic but is not authentic.
  • The item is missing major parts or features which were not disclosed in the listing.
  • You purchased three items from a Seller but only received two.
  • The item was damaged during shipment.

It sounds like you opened an incorrect dispute type. I would suggest contacting us via Facebook -, Twitter - @AskPayPal, email or phone and we would be happy to assist you further.