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Paypal Won't Refund Stolen Money From Hacked Account?


Paypal Won't Refund Stolen Money From Hacked Account?

Hi. My paypal was hacked and money stolen but Paypal won't refund the money? I find that odd. I literally contacted them as my account was being hacked, it was obvious it was hacked as the person tried to buy several orders which did not go through for roughly $400 AND they tried to move $5k from my bank to paypal so they could steal it. I still have a process pending trying to steal money which just wasn't/isn't there to steal. I asked for help, they couldn't halt the processing transaction, said I had to wait til it was processed, which resulted in my money being gone and they never returned it.  (probably because what was ordered was shipped and stores don't like to return money after shipping.) The chat feature just said I had to change my passwords and not trust suspicious emails. (Which I know!!) Paypal is supposed to be secure, yet they (the hackers) got my password twice. Once just after I had changed it!!! Can I appeal their decision to not refund my money? They literally closed my case and didn't tell me, and didn't tell me why. Why don't they have a button to push which cancels a transaction, or better yet a person on the other end of customer service to halt it for you. They used to have that, back in 2007 I had a suspicious charge and called them, they returned the money post haste. That is why I trusted them. Now you can't do that? You just get a chat machine and it doesn't help at all.


Furthermore, I have the address the person who stole my money used to ship their package too. It was on the order. It's nearby! I could walk there. I'm thinking of contacting the police. Do you recommend I do this? I already called the NYPD general information number and they gave me another number for a Financial Department which handles this sort of stuff.


If Paypal doesn't resolve this I am closing my account. I am afraid to use paypal anymore. (Or any online bank.) 



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Re: Paypal Won't Refund Stolen Money From Hacked Account?

I've had a very similar thing happen to me recently with Paypal. I for some reason did not receive the notifications that someone transferred 1k from my bank to paypal or the fact that they some how managed to add a card to transfer the funds off to with out a notification from Paypal as well. I found out after the 2nd 1k was transferred from my bank account which, luckily I was able to catch and transfer those funds back to my bank. 

I filed a dispute 3 times for the 1k that the bad actor was able to transfer out of my bank then out of paypal. All three times it was closed the next day with a link to a EULA or something trying to state that they can not help me. Well, I then went to dispute it with my Bank, within a few days I received a letter from my bank congratulating me that I was permanently awarded the 1k credit they gave me while they investigated.  I then log on to my Paypal account to see how it looks and to my shock Paypal put my account at a negative $1,000. There is no transaction history showing how I have a -$1,000 balance and I'm now receiving debt collecting calls from Paypal. 

I'm literally on the phone with Paypal for the last time right now, if I can't get it resolved today then I'm filing with the FTC and I suggest you do the same.