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Paypal Usage Limitation

New Community Member

Paypal Usage Limitation



I have this alert message on my account at the moment. 


"You've reached a usage milestone, as you've used your PayPal balance to send payments exceeding regulatory limit in a year. In compliance with the regulatory requirements, we need to confirm your identity as the account owner. To prevent any account limitations, please confirm your identity"


Unfortunately, I used to live in the UAE and cannot provide valid documents of locations within the UAE. i contacted PayPal before to change my info to my current address in Egypt but they said they couldn't change it. Now I created a new account with my current location however i cannot transfer the money to the new account due to the limitations from the old one. I tried to contact their numbers but all i keep getting is Bots and their live chat is not working. Can some one please provide me with some assistance if you have encountered a similar issue? Since this is a really frustrating experience.