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Paypal Scam: Friends and Family Payment


Paypal Scam: Friends and Family Payment

According to PayPal's User Agreement, the seller will be violated PayPal's user Agreement by asking the buyer to send money via the option of a friend and family. And the seller also violated the terms by "received the payment for activities that violated this user agreement or any other agreement between you and PayPal" so that 'Payments that are invalidated and reversed'. The terms above are all referred in PayPal's user agreement. So Paypal has the responsibility to open a dispute for the victim or at least take legal action against the seller who violated their own terms. purchase scam  @kernowlass @sharpiemarker @cdrollinitis @Mlloyd123 @soonerbroad @Jennyhopemarlow  @jjkatzer @hottmomba @insas @Pjp31 @Debb11 



Re: Paypal Scam: Friends and Family Payment

They won’t. Unless we can all get a class action lawsuit against PayPal, and I’d throw in eBay and Facebook who accept these fake ads, they are just sitting back laughing. Great way for them (PayPal and EBay are same people) to make up for all the list revenue they’ve suffered in last few years. CashAp , if you haven’t heard, sends and receives cash quicker, safer, and for less money than PayPal. That was their big cash cow.