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Paypal Invoice Gave Seller The Wrong Address


Paypal Invoice Gave Seller The Wrong Address

Yesterday a seller sent me an invoice for an item purchased. This is my first time ever buying from this seller. I received the invoice, which included the description of the item, the cost, and shipping, however, it did not specify the address. Since my address on my profile is my current one, I figured it would be the one the item would be sent to. 


Once the seller sent me the confirmation with the tracking, I noticed that the address that PayPal gave the seller was an old address where I lived last year and have since moved away from. When I received the invoice, there was no mention of the address so I was not made aware that this was going to be an issue. Will PayPal reimburse me for the additional expenses that I now need to endure in order to pay for USPS to intercept the package before it ends up in New York while I'm living in Florida? I just feel this is so unfair that I did everything accurately on my end and PayPal still sent the wrong address to the seller. 


Re: Paypal Invoice Gave Seller The Wrong Address

I just had a package sent to an address I had on my account but never shipped any package to.  The address was removed from my paypal account months ago and does not show up when I check my account.


What do I need to do to get this address removed from PayPal?  I just had a package delivered there instead of my house.