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Paypal Dispute Team - Please Help

New Community Member

Paypal Dispute Team - Please Help

Hey Guys,


I've raised several claims from the same business for the exact same thing (several purchases). I tried to solve it with the business directly, but after a week of not responding to me they've deleted my ticket from their customer service centre. I decided to escalate my claims to paypal. The problem I have is that several of the claims have been accepted for the refund by paypal, one of the claims was accepted for refund by the business that I purchased from, while some cases got denied by paypal. I tried explaining to them that all cases are for the exact same thing (even the messages I sent in the individual claims are identical) and I couldn't understand why some were denied, but the support centre can't seem to understand that - its like talking to a robot... I've tried explaining multiple times, but they just don't get it. Can anyone help me? I've tried calling them, but its impossible to get through.


Any help would be appreciated, atrocious service so far... first time I had to create a claim and will be my last.