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Paypal Debited me two times for same payment


Paypal Debited me two times for same payment

First, I would just like to say that Paypal seems to enjoy the additional benefit this pandemic has brought. They now have the ultimate excuse for not providing phone support. It's very convenient for them, especially when message support is bugged purposely on android to deter people from messaging with actual issues. Less accountability, less transparency and more frustration.


A payment of 284$ was debited from my bank account in which there was insufficient funds, Payment did not go through and my paypal balance was listed at -284$. In the next day or so , i sold multiple items on Ebay and the negative balance was erased above and beyond what was there. But still a few days later the same payment was debited from my bank account. Thus I have paid two times for the same item, 568$. Of course the simplicity of such a situation has proven too difficult for the " message support representative " to tackle.


I think it's great when one does what is required , making a payment , paying the fees and making sure paypal gets what is owed to them , and then on the flipside when an error is done on their part then there isnt the same accountability.It's a very nice double system, where the customer must be held accountable to their actions, and on the flipside Paypal can simply go oops with no repercussion. Then as always , its the customer's job to do Paypal's job. Such a great business model , where you literally have to do and provide nothing but a payment method and sit back and collect fees. And now you don't even have to provide phone support. EXCELLENT.


How do I get this money that is mine back? It seems like the only thing that is working at paypal is automation and robots, and i'm fairly certain no one actually works there.