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Paypal Credit has zero customer service


Paypal Credit has zero customer service

After using Paypal for many years, I was offered a Paypal Credit account and took it. It's blended with the regular Paypal account and should in theory be a nice complement.


However, if you thought it was difficult to receive customer service on regular Paypal, Paypal Credit is 100 times worse. Nobody there can do anything, likely because it's connected to an outside bank, that appears to provide zero customer service.


I purchased a set of Airpods that turned out to be fake, and have an abundant amount of evidence I've provided, yet the claims process, which began almost two months ago, drags on. Not a single person has helped or done anything. The claim resolution date keeps getting pushed out every couple of days despite the fact it should have been closed in my favor at least a month ago.


I'm trying to cancel the Paypal Credit account and disconnect it from my regular Paypal account but cannot seem to get any help, the exact reason I'm wanting to cancel.


Stay away from Paypal Credit. It's the worst credit card I've ever had, and that says a lot. It's just that bad. 


Imagine having a problem with charges and not being able to do anything about it except hear automated messages, get hung up on, and when you do speak to someone, they have no clue how to help.