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Paypal Closed case without providing refund

New Community Member

Paypal Closed case without providing refund

i purchased a script from


For script i paid GBP250, i raised a claiming through paypal to get refund as script wasn't working, and seller was insisting me to buy their hosting plan. Which i refused, Finally i got another hosting plan as informed by seller and i paid for that... 


Seller also told i should buy add on for GBP200. Which i paid..


When i started testing script and add ons.. None of them were working.. So i raised a claim through paypal..  Paypal closed the case. 

When i informed seller to refund my money. He blocked my IP, so i won't have access to his website. 

He suspended by accounts

He is just too much and them he started saying you were offering resale... I informed seller your script is rubbish and it's of no use refund my money.. 

Seller told me to F*** O** and he knows paypal will not refund he is ripping of buyers and PAYPAL like s pus***** not doing anything about it... 


How do i get my money back from seller>????