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Paypal Closed Case- Been Scammed

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Paypal Closed Case- Been Scammed

Hi all,

Any help would be greatly appreciated on this matter. PayPal's customer service via email have been scandalous, and on the phone they have promised things which haven't materialised.


I sold an item on Ebay. MyHermes confirmed that it had been delivered to the buyer, I then confirmed this with the buyer who messaged back to say that he had received it.

I then looked at my emails 3 months later (I didn't check them as he confirmed he received it, stupid mistake) to see that he had taken a case out against me on Paypal saying that he had not received it, and because I hadn't replied, they gave him a full refund.


I have proof of MyHermes delivering and proof of him confirming that he received it. I've tried sending this through to PayPal claims and Paypal customer service but they aren't interested.

What are my next steps? I am down £60 and I think I have been scammed. 


Many thanks,



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Re: Paypal Closed Case- Been Scammed



You only have seller protection if you respond promptly to paypals communications, as you sadly didn't then you lost that protection.

However there is nothing to stop you taking private legal action ie the small claims court against the buyer if you have proof he received the item and is scamming you.

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