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Paypal Buyers remorse.


Paypal Buyers remorse.

I had a bad experience with Paypal and a seller last year and I have not used them since. I thought Paypal was a buyer protection company. I would use them thinking if I had any problems with a seller that was approved by them that they would work it out with the seller. NOT SO! After several emails and attempts on my own, and getting returned emails stating that the address did not exist (yet same address they sent me a confirmation of order and correspondence from a person} I filed a complaint with Paypal hoping they could track down this seller!  They did, however the company had changed its name. Good job Paypal for tracking down your shady seller. In my complaint to paypal in two separate emails I added pictures of the flimsy box my GLASS merchandise was shipped in (which was not a shipping box). I guess Viet Nam does not have regulation on shipping materials to be used to ship to USA nor do they have common sense. Well seller after months had gone by stated they would return my money after I sent them the merchadise was sent back under my expense! They refused to send me shipping label!! Again I contacted Paypal with pictures of merchandise and box!! Their response was a copy of sellers original email! So they did not even look at pics talk to seller or make this purchase right. Why should I spend more money to return merchandise to seller that should have protected so buyer would receive merchandise  in one piece not 10. The reason I am writing this is I received the new policy of Paypal. I do not see any change that they will stand by their buyer!!! Why would I or you use them! Amazon stands by their buyer!!! BY BY PAYPAL!

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Re: Paypal Buyers remorse.



You should really read up on buyer protection. Paypal buyer protection is not a 100% coverall, it gives you some protection but its up to you to risk assess your own transactions.


In the event of a dispute you need to bear in mind possible return trackable costs before you buy from that seller / item / country.

Paypal state this >>
PayPal is not obliged to reimburse you for any costs that you incur to comply with any of PayPal’s requests for cooperation for the purpose of resolving the problem (including, without limitation, costs that you incur to return a SNAD item to the Payment Recipient or another party as PayPal requests), although sometimes it may reimburse these costs.

Although they will compensate you for some of the cost if you have activated this at some point before you made that transaction.

You also have the option to do a chargeback via your card issuer instead of a Paypal dispute if you funded your Paypal payment via a credit card.

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