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I want my money back back because I send the product to my customer Greg <removed>. Our deal is to send the product overseas within 25 or 30 days. And my customer issues a dispute and I also send the product. So please review the case again and make right division. Tracking number- 9400109205568981393600 Transection I'd-3V699602PK617863U

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Re: Payment

Hello, I am very concerned because I had opened a claim for a product that never arrived at my address, after several days I just received a notification from PayPal denying my claim supposedly because the product was delivered and as I demonstrated throughout the dispute and from the messages with the seller, the product never arrived, even attached an email from the USPS where they confirm that after investigating they admit that the product was lost by them. So if the same postal company accepts that they never delivered my product then how can PayPal write me that the product was delivered. I hope they resolve my claim soon, thank you.