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Payment to Fraudulent Account

New Community Member

Payment to Fraudulent Account

Has anyone had any luck getting PayPal to refund money sent to a fraudulent account? I thought I was sending money to my sister but after sending found out that account had been hacked some time ago and was supposedly closed by PayPal. Unfortunately PayPal has allowed that account to remain open and active and is still even using her picture as well as her name. I opened a dispute which PayPal closed and I'm unable to open a new dispute on the transaction. There is virtually no link or way to contact an actual person at PayPal so I'm getting extremely frustrated. Thank you in advance for any help.

New Community Member

Re: Payment to Fraudulent Account

Omg I thought I was sending money to a family friend to purchase a puppy 🐶but it was fake, outright fraud, theft 721.00 and paypal denied my claim and appeal I guess they didn't or want to understand I was robbed I have cried nearly 4 days now. I have proof of his fake account and some others he scammed using the same system he used on me. He's gotten thousands. So very sad 😥