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Payment for goods


Payment for goods

I agreed to buy an item through gumtree for £20, I sent the seller £20, through goods and services and the money was put on hold at the other end, the seller said I needed to send through friends and family which I was not prepared to do and never had a problem sending as goods and services before. He said he would refund the money but I have not received anything yet. What do I do?
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Re: Payment for goods



As its against paypal rules for sellers to ask for payments via friends/family then you can tell him that unless he sends your item you will be reporting him for requesting friends/family payments.

If you had paid that way then it would have negated your buyer protection and aided the seller evading paying their paypal fee.


Also tell him that if he does not send the item you will be opening a dispute for non receipt of item via paypals resolution centre.

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