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Payment dispute


Payment dispute

Hi I'm currently trying to solve a payment dispute. The resolution centre have answered my query but the wait time seems rather long before I can expect an answer is this normal. I made a purchase using PayPal and was billed the incorrect amount. Having contacted the seller they have no knowledge of my purchase and yet all web addresses check out.

im also finding it impossible to message paypal direct from the resolution centre anyone had success with this?


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Re: Payment dispute



Is the transaction a temporary authorization? Click the transaction itself to find out. If the transaction didn't go through right and the seller does not show an order for you, the temporary authorization will expire within 30 days and the funds released.


Please contact customer service for further assistance:

Log on, click HELP on top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US or other contact options.


Or contact via social media:


Twitter: @paypalUK 


Facebook (US):

Twitter (US): @AskPayPal 

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: Payment dispute

sorry sharpiemarker I meant to post same reply to you. As I said I'm waiting for the resolution centre to get back to me I'll probably ring tommorrow