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Payment Protection Fraud

New Community Member

Payment Protection Fraud

Hi, Please could someone help. I was scammed last night. I thought I was speaking to a friend but she was hacked, it wasn't her. I thought I was doing her a favour by helping with paypal payments. Basically 'she' told me that she was having problems with her paypal but had sold something on ebay. And asked if I could accept the payment and send it over. I agreed, I had no reason to doubt her, it was late and yes, I was foolish.

Next min 2 transactions came through for several 100 pounds. I could only send over part payments so I sent £250 that night. and this morning, I could send £500. Then I get an email saying the transactions were unauthorised. Immediately Ebay refunded the poor victim as it didn't have payment protection. I contacted them too to explain. I was told she had an email from paypal saying both transaction have been refunded. However, I have a case pending to refund her (with no fraud option, I don't have the money I sent it to their bank account, fake bank account in my friends name but not her account.)

The other payment did have a charge, so am I right in thinking this payment with a charge has payment protection and it has been refunded? I don't have the funds to refund myself. The bank couldn't get that money back.