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Payment Dispute

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Payment Dispute



I had money taken out of my paypal account without my authorization.


I ve opened an unauthorized payment and both myself and paypal contacted the supplier, where the money appeared to be going.

The supplier said that they havent done anything and my paypal account was hacked.
Apparently, the supplier is a big retail company from Spain.

So, after this Paypal closed the case and said that: ''The payment in question was sent as part of a billing agreement previously set up. For this reason, we're unable to consider this to be an unauthorised payment.'


But, I did not set up any billing agreement with the retail company.

400GBP taken from my paypal account and I dont know how to take this matter further?

If paypal account and paypal security been breached, shouldnt be a process that I could have my money refunded?

Let me know if anyone can help or had similar issue before



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Re: Payment Dispute



Check its not in here...........


Click on the profile tab (icon next to log out) > Click on payments third option along on the thick blue band top of page > "manage pre-approved payments''.


If not then if you funded that paypal payment via a credit card then contact your card issuer and see if they will do a chargeback for you.

But before you do that give customer services a call and see if you can appeal the decision.

I can't give you anymore info as you have not put your country on your profile.

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