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Paying to return an item

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Paying to return an item

Hi all. I need some advice. I paid for an item, cist about $40, which turned out to be a scam. The item sent to me was nothing like the one advertised, dies not work at all, and is basically just a few bits if plastic. I filed a report, refused the partial refund, and have now been offered a full refund. The catch us that I have to return the useless item, and pay to do so. The cost if returning the item to China will leave me out of pocket. Is there any way to avoid this?

Re: Paying to return an item


I see that you’re in the UK?


Send thru Royal Mail tracked .. it should be less than £5 extra on TOP of regular Airmail if the item is less than 5kg. Do not send via Courier.


Also on Customs declaration, write down, Return for repair..otherwise item will be rejected by Chinese Customs! Basically anything sent to China, Made in China, will be denied!

Kudos appreciated..
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