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PayPayl siding with Scammers?

New Community Member

PayPayl siding with Scammers?

I ordered items from a seller last week.  PayPal/seller provided a USPS tracking number.  The tracking number showed the items were delivered but I never received them.  I tried to contact the seller and got no response.  I filed a dispute with PayPal and the very next day PayPal closed the claim because the USPS tracking number showed delivered.


The rub here is that the seller created a fraudulent shipment to a different name and address in the same zip code to bypass PayPal's weak buyer protection system.  I have the document trail from USPS showing the name and address associated with the tracking number.  Since the case is already "closed" I have no way of contacting PayPal to provide this critical information.  I reported fraudulent activity but am not confident there will be any resolution since they closed the first case so quickly.


What other options do I have to update/provide this information to PayPal....this is as clear a case of fraud if there ever was one and PayPal seems to weigh in on the side of scammers.