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PayPal with Beau vendor are a Scam


PayPal with Beau vendor are a Scam

I ordered an item back in March and never got it, contacted PayPal to request a refund and the vendor as PayPal suggested, never got a response, started a claim with PayPal and after two months waiting on resolution to my case PayPal says that is denied because I got the item. I never received the item and PayPal wants to keep my money, will report to the consumers department for stealing money.
PayPal Employee

Re: PayPal with Beau vendor are a Scam

Good day @ElissaGuzman 


Thanks for posting!


You are in the position to feel that way as I would feel the same if I were on your shoe.


Please understand that we will ultimately rely on the tracking number provided to make our final decision to a case.  If the tracking shows that an item is delivered, the case will be awarded in the favor of the seller. Since, most of the shipping companies do not include the complete address in an online tracking information for security purposes, may I please suggest you to contact  the shipping company to find the whereabouts of your parcel or to check if your street address is even on the address label. If the ship-to address is not yours, get it in writing from the shipping company and appeal your dispute along with this evidence.


Note: It is not necessary for the documents to provide the actual delivery address, rather confirmation it was not delivered to the buyer’s address as intended. 



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