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PayPal wants more info

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PayPal wants more info

PayPal wants more info but I don't know what they want or how to get it to them.  I've tried to contact them with no luck.  My item was damaged and the seller wants me to return it at my expense bit I'm not going to pay for return of a damaged item.  That's the sellers responsibility.  My time is up ftomorrow but I couldn't 

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Re: PayPal wants more info



You may need to return item in order to get a refund. The info PayPal is asking for could be a return tracking number with a "delivered" status as proof of delivery of the return depending on what stage your case is in.

Look at the open case in the Resolution Center to provide more info/respond to case or escalate to a claim if you have not already done so.


Visit this page and scroll to the "Our online dispute resolution process" section to see what stage you're in with your case:


If you're still in step one, the first twenty days, then you can escalate to a claim within the first twenty days and have PayPal review the case and ask for more info.


If you've already escalated to a claim and PayPal is now asking for more info, you provide your side of the story so PayPal can make a ruling. If PayPal rules in your favor as a result, paypal may ask you to return the item for a refund and you must provide return tracking info for proof of return delivery in order for the held funds to be released back to you.

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