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PayPal says it's my fault my money was stolen.. Thanks.

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PayPal says it's my fault my money was stolen.. Thanks.

I made a purchase on eBay and it turned out the item didn't exist and the seller's account had been hacked. The listing was intercepted by eBay and I was notified right away. Immediately I contacted PayPal and spoke to a young woman. I was having trouble cancelling the transaction because the PayPal instructions were out of date and applied to the previous website design. I followed the steps, cancelled the transaction and was reassured by the representative that no further action was needed. She stated that my account would show the charge as pending for the next 30 days (WHAT??) and then be returned. I was upset by the poor customer service, the terrible experience navigating the website, but decided to trust the associate. 

Fast forward to today. More than 30 days later and the charge is still settled on my account. I suddenly have the availability to leave feedback for the "laptop" via eBay where the transaction was previously blocked out.

I called to find out what happened and they said that the cancellation was requested, but the "seller" denied it and claimed the money. So they asked that person that robbed me if they wanted to give the money back... Right.


I asked to speak to a supervisor and was handed to "Nick" who confirmed these facts and implied it was my fault the cancellation didn't go through properly. This is when I lost it and was not very nice to Nick. Don't worry, Nick, I understand how frustrating this must be. I have opened a case and my apology is pending.

Is there anyone at this company that actually provides customer service? What good are the payment "protections" if your employees can't properly execute them? 

If this happened at my place of work, not only would the resolution be immediate-- not some vague time in the future, but the individual would compensated for the trouble.