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PayPal's process and stand on fraud/scam?

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PayPal's process and stand on fraud/scam?


I own and manage a creative agency and I just received an email from someone that is from another state which is unusual. The client wants to pay by credit card. I would be using paypal for this transaction, so my question is:


If I were to do this transaction and IF this was a scam and the person in question decides to do a chargeback or something like this, how will this affect me? Under the contract that is to be signed by the client there is a section about refund, it states: "Money charged up-front is used to cover third party expenses such as hosting, printing and paid advertising. Additionally it will cover the cost of time spent working the project. This amount is NON-REFUNDABLE"


So this being a non-refundable transaction on a contract that the client signed, how would PayPal deal with this?

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Re: PayPal's process and stand on fraud/scam?



As you agreed to paypals terms and conditions when you opened your account then when you use paypal to accept payments then there terms and conditions apply.

So if a buyer wins a dispute you have to refund regardless of what you state on your sale bumph.

Your best bet is to go and read the smallish section on seller protection in the user agreement for your country so you can risk assess your transactions.

If you are selling 'services' or 'digital/virtual items' then they are at a far higher risk of a chargeback than tangible goods.

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