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PayPal's inability to protect our Money.

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Dear All,


I have been a customer of PayPal for well over 10 years and so far, very few problems. However, recently I received an email from PayPal ( not facebook ) stating, Facebook Ads were taking £135 from my account, randomly out of nowhere. Apparently, this was set up in 2017?! And 2021 I am being charged for 135 quid. Well, I don't have Facebook anymore, and haven't had a Facebook account since early 2020.

PayPal claims they can't do anything, since regulations and terms and conditions changed 2 years ago. 


Either way, I'm deeply disappointed in PayPal's inability to protect my funds and has allowed this transaction to go through. Additionally, to 'responding' to my dispute, they deemed it 'resolved' and as a result, closed it, which left me no other way, then ringing PayPal. I'm disgusted with their behaviour. 


Has anyone been in similar situations? I have attempted ringing Facebook, but I might as well not bother - I will never see my money again. If PayPal can't protect my funds, why should I even bother? Stripe seems like a far better option right now.


PayPal's inability to protect our Money.



Experiencing similar problems at the moment. Did you manage to get this resolved? 

PayPal's inability to protect our Money.

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Check if you had a subscription set up.
Click on the profile tab (icon next to log out) > Click on payments third option along on the thick blue band top of page > "manage pre-approved payments.''

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