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PayPal one sided with Banggood (disputes)


PayPal one sided with Banggood (disputes)

I'm honestly disappointed with PayPal given how much I use their services. To start of with I don't have any ill will towards anybody, I believe that PayPal finds it easier to deny claims than actually investigate it, here's why. The company in question is Banggood, they ship from all over the world but the item was shipped from a Chinese warehouse, I understand that things can happen, especially when shipping items all over the globe, so when it said that my item arrived on the 26th February I was more than shocked because I didn't received it, looked around the house, asked my neighbors, everything. I look at the shipping code and someone else must have signed for the package, the signature was my initials which anyone could have easily forged, could he just delivered it to someone and signed it himself or did the person accepted the package and took any information from the packaging to sign with my initials. When I opened the claim I get a bot response from banggood, I waited 10 more days and responded saying I still haven't received anything, then to get another bot message, another 3 days and nothing. What's the point of reaching out to a company before escalating when I'm met with a generic response, they do respond to PayPal when I escalating the claim. It just goes to show banggood only care when their money is on the line, it was never about customer satisfaction, even with shipping insurance PayPal nor banggood seem to care. Bare in mind I bought this in February 8th with my birthday money and this whole talking to a brick wall approach took months, to end up wasting my time, I don't know if they actually investigated it or just left it for X amount of days until the window was about to close. Their whole approach needs improving because customers are left in the dark and feel hopeless when neither their item or money is here. And with COVID-19 customer support isn't that active and feels like a final nail in the coffin for support. If anyone from the PayPal community can help or have similar experiences please do respond, thanks.
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Re: PayPal one sided with Banggood (disputes)

I saw a wallet by Banggood advertised on Facebook. I knew that they had a bad reputation from this site but I also don’t want to order from China. I searched and found the identical wallet from a USA dealer for three dollars more. I ordered it and in three days I had it.