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PayPal not offering their services

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PayPal not offering their services

In 2018, my friend signed me up for a PayPal account. We were 16. When I saw that you had to be 18, I decided to just finish setting up my account when I turned 18. I am now 18 and when I tried to set up my account, I was given the message that I am not allowed to have a PayPal and that you are not offering the services to me anymore. I want to know if this can be overturned at all because I did not know how PayPal worked and  didn't even set up my own account, my friend said she would do it for me and I assumed it was something like Venmo so I let her do it. We were 16 and stupid. Somebody please help.

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Re: PayPal not offering their services



You would never be able to use an illegally made underage account once paypal have limited it.

However sometimes paypal allow you to open a new account once you are 18 but that is not guaranteed, you would need to contact them and ask.

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