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PayPal is impossible to deal with


PayPal is impossible to deal with

Paypal, why do you make things so difficult. Account has been in good standing since day 1 with backup banks, debit card, etc... Errors happen with transactions that are beyond our(the people who use paypal) control. You ask for simple items to get the account back in the clear. I do the steps neccessary. Couple days later receive an email, saying account has been restored. Login to website and wow what a surprise, it shows account is locked down to the max. It makes it appear as I have NOT uploaded the required documents, when in reality I did all the steps neccessary to resolve the issue. What's up with that? I have messaged paypal SEVERAL times now... You never get a response. Paypal is impossible to deal with... Please just fix my account.

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Re: PayPal is impossible to deal with



Suggest you contact customer services, phoning is best.


Click on the words "Help / Contact" at the bottom of paypals pages and use the phone option in the blue band at the top OR very bottom of page dependent on what country you are in. Scroll down past the list of help questions and click on 'Call us' bottom of that page. Log in and get the code.

When you get through don't select any options just hang on till you get transfered to an agent OR press '0' OR just say the word 'Agent' repeatedly.

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