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PayPal is enabling the thieves


PayPal is enabling the thieves

PayPal is enabling the thieves I ordered a battery charger ($54.00) from (can’t insert the website you search noco10 and pick the $54 one bestcastore .com without the space) on 10/30 and paid with PayPal never received a confirmation email from PayPal for the purchase 11/1/20 received shipping info. When I received the package it was not my order was a small green plastic toy number 4 approximately one inch in size.(like the magnetic refer letter with out the magnet). I emailed the seller and received no response. Filed a resolution with PayPal. This item was not sent by mistake its not on there site. Now they will not refund until I send it back and they okay it, has no value. It was shipped from California but they require me to ship to China the return address was in Chinese no one could give me the address in English please? This is a scam the postage is more than the item is worth the its only a small toy number4. I have filed a complaint with Washington state attorney general. Paypal is requiring a tracking number for the return. My USPS cannot read the Chinese return address. I am sure if I do return this prop they will not refund me. PayPal will not get there cut If there is a refund!

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Re: PayPal is enabling the thieves



Contact customer services for an english version of the address.

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