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PayPal is being inconsiderate.


PayPal is being inconsiderate.

I’ve been sending proof of address to PayPal for weeks now and they keep telling me I’m not sending them what they want, even though what I sent was a utility bill, water and electricity, bank statement and they still said that I didn’t send what they are asking for, like how can someone be so inconsiderate and careless not to even look at the documents and they are just like “oh just set it as not valid, I don’t feel like working today” I’ve sending them documents of everything that got my address in it and they keep telling **bleep** like it’s not valid, like how and the cherry on top you ask them and they ignore the question. I need help from the community as I know some might’ve been through this and I want to know how they fixed it because PayPal don’t care enough to help me

Re: PayPal is being inconsiderate.

Can I ask where do you send the documents? Because i'm trying to resend them some files but there's no link for me, also i've tried contacting them but no response