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PayPal has taken money from my account and refuses to give it back!

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Hello, I hope there is someone who can help me resolving this issue or point me in right direction.


I have sold an item on Ebay. Received the payment on my paypal and as I am new to selling on Ebay PayPal have put my funds on hold. Everything fine.

About an hour after I got the payment the buyer changed his mind and asked me to cancel the order. No problem. I canceled the order and tried to issue refund but for some reason I couldn't refund original that payment that was on hold nor was I able to issue refund from my PayPal balance the only option was for me to refund from my bank account. I tried to do that but echeck bounced back saying there was insufficient funds on my account which is not correct. Anyways a week later I have tried to issue that refund from another of my bank accounts and the funds left it but in the meantime the buyer filed Item not Received case with Paypal and they immediately debited my PayPal balance despite the fact that I have send the funds from my bank account! So basically the buyer received two refunds. I have been in contact with PayPal n numerous times through message center and they admitted twice that they meade mistake and buyer received refunds to PayPal balance as well as his Debit Card. I have been told about 6 times by different Customer Service Representatives that they have raised a Ticket's and this matter would be resolved within 5 working days. It has been a month since the last time they said that and still nothing! They don't even respond to me through the Message Center anymore! I tried calling them but due to Covid 19 they're phone lines are down. I am stuck here anyone know what else I can do to get my money back form PayPal?


Thank you. Paul



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