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PayPal does not care about us


PayPal does not care about us

I am of the opinion that PayPal does not care about us, no matter how bad the retailer has **bleep** us. I think these Chinese Bait & Switchers pay them too much money. I also received an order that I could not use and PayPal denied my claim AFTER 2 MONTHS.

Here is the reason for denying my claim on an item I cannot use - I'm out $30 - not the 1st time. Time to stop using PayPal folks.


"This decision was made because if an item is materially similar to the seller's description, we do not consider it to be significantly not as described." What kind of BS double talk is that? What is "materially similar"? Could be anything. Mine had powerful magnets replaced by weak suction cups  that cannot be used. PayPal is becoming a joke!