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PayPal did absolutely nothing in my disputed claim.


PayPal did absolutely nothing in my disputed claim.

Hello All,

I made a claim against Stock X (sneaker reseller) as I ordered a size 7.5 pair of shoes and the she's came one 7.5 and the other 9. It was a present to my wife and she noticed one was substantially bigger. We realized the were totally different sizing. I tried to contact Stock X, but can not get through if the item was delivered over three days before contacting. They have recently made it so they can basically take no blame after three days, which is absurd as the reason the customer is paying a premium is TO MAKE SURE THE SHOES ARE AUTHENTIC AND THE RIGHT SIZE. 


Anyways, after I could not get through to them I made a dispute on PayPal April 17th. I gave them pictures showing the sizes in both shoes and gave a thorough explanation. The email they send me showed "We are currently investigating case PP-D-109849388" and asked for a damage report. All I needed was either a refund or the item sent back for a replacement.


So yesterday, I received an email which stated:

"We have reviewed this transaction(s) and are denying your case(s). This decision was made because the dispute was submitted with insufficient information/documentation to support the claim and we were unable to obtain the required information/documentation after requesting it from you."


So basically all they did was wait three weeks, did not contact me, and closed the case. I gave the information as the shoes were two different sizes and sent pictures. There is no additional information needed. 


can anyone give me advice on what to do as PayPal is not protecting this customer as shown in the Buyer Protection?


thank you,