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PayPal denied full refund

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I ordered something from and merchant uses PayPal to process transaction. However, I didn’t receive the item over a month. Contacted merchant and the merchant agreed to give me full refund, which should be $5.60. However, when the refund arrived, it’s only $5.05. The seller then explained to me that PayPal should refund me $0.55 later since that is PayPal service charges and he didn’t have that option. Feeling weird, I contact PayPal Customer Service, they say it’s not right and suggest me to file a dispute. I know $0.55 is not a big amount but this is about fairness and keeping your words. And I don’t like the fact that the merchant trying to trick me by saying he doesn’t have option to give full amount of refund. Obviously, he entered a partial amount when issuing the refund. I decided to file a dispute regarding refund is not in full amount. They requested additional information which was: a copy of the receipt that details your credit. I sent them the receipt of the order from Etsy that I got in my email. PayPal responded denying my case saying the information submitted is insufficient without saying why and closed the case. Why is it insufficient? They ask for receipt, I sent the receipt. I feel mistreated and injustice. They basically don’t communicate clearly at all about the detail of the information and why it is the way it is. If you can understand it differently, please enlighten me. I’m a new customer and this left me a very bad experience with PayPal

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