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PayPal denied and closed case with a bogus tracking number.

New Community Member

PayPal denied and closed case with a bogus tracking number.

I purchased a kayak on FB, paid via PayPal.  When the seller missed the delivery date and refused to respond to any correspondence I opened a dispute/case.  Last Saturday morning I got a message from PayPal stating my case was closed because the seller provided a tracking number.  I went to the post office and that tracking number went to a PO Box in my city but not associated with me.  The package weighed 8 ounces!  I have tried to work with PayPal but they refuse to reopen the case and right the wrong!  I am unable to open a new case.  Paypal doesn’t answer the phone, PayPal won’t acknowledge that I never got what I paid for.  PayPal told me to try to resolve thru my bank, which I already tried but I had used my debt card, and the bank refuses to refund my money.

paypal has the absolute worse customer service, resolution center.  How can they deny a claim when the tracking number is for a package that was 8 ounces????? How do I get my money back????  

I never had an opportunity to escalate the claim, they just immediately closed the case when the seller provided a bogus tracking number!  Someone please help me!

Can anybody direct me on how to move forward?  

Is paypal in cahoots with these scammers?